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Lambs for Sale


Our Icelandic lambs are available for sale as breeding stock each summer & fall.  Lambs are born in late March through mid April and are raised here on pasture with their mothers until weaning.  They are ready for their new homes in late summer.  We find this gives them the best start and gives us a chance to monitor them closely as they grow to select the best breeding stock to send to your farm.  Sheep are flock animals so we do not sell single animals unless they are going to a farm that already has sheep. We love helping people get started with raising Icelandic sheep and can set you up with a small starter flock of a couple of ewes and an unrelated ram. With any animal purchases we will provide mentorship on your sheep adventure.  Whether you are looking to just get started with Icelandics or add some new genetics to your existing flock, please get in touch for more information about our animals or to be added to our 2024 waitlist.  Available lambs will be listed in June.

About Our Flock

We raise polled, pure-bred, registered Icelandic sheep.  We take biosecurity seriously and keep a closed flock, bringing in new animals only as needed for new genetics. All new animals brought in receive biosecurity testing and are quarantined. Our breeding stock are from quality genetics and we select for general hardiness/parasite resistance, good size and conformation, fleece quality, and temperament. Our breeding ewes are good mothers, producing a good supply of milk and lambs are fast growers, generally reaching 90-100 pounds by fall.  We work with our sheep regularly and they are well socialized to people and used to being handled.  Most are quite personable and affectionate and seek out attention from their shepherds. 

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