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Hi! We are Elizabeth and Josh and together we run Moorit Hill Farm with some help from our livestock guardian dogs, Gus and Fiona. We are first generation farmers that were marine biologists in our previous lives.  We decided to make a big change and started our farm in 2017 and haven't looked back since. We are learning as we go and enjoying the adventure! 

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We started Moorit Hill Farm in 2017 with a goal of growing healthy, local food for our community, and raising happy animals while doing something that we love. We focus on regenerative agriculture practices and land stewardship. We didn't have an exact plan when we started out, but we knew animals were always going to be a part of our farm life. That year we brought home our first batch of laying hens and our first 4 Icelandic sheep.  Now both flocks have grown a lot and we are very proud of all we have learned from them and the quality of the products they provide. We are still a small-scale livestock operation, which allows us to know each of our animals individually and provide the absolute best care that we can and we feel that really shows in our products.   


After raising sheep for several years, we saw a need for small scale fiber processing for ourselves and other farms like us. In 2022 we purchased a fiber mill and began processing wool and fibers from our own flock as well as other area farms to produce beautiful wool products and help to diversify income streams for other sheep and fiber farmers.


In 2024 we became a fully solar powered farm and fiber mill. We are thrilled to be able to use renewable energy to run our business!



At Moorit Hill Farm we raise pure-bred Icelandic sheep.  With origins dating back 1100 years, they are one of the oldest and most unchanged breeds of sheep.  This gives them a bit of a wild side, but they are also friendly, smart and funny. Icelandics are a wonderful, hardy breed known for their mild, delicate meat and beautiful wool.  They make excellent mothers and efficient foragers, raising big, healthy lambs on grass alone.  The ewes are bred in the fall and lamb in early spring. Here they spend summers on pasture where we use rotational grazing to maintain the health of the flock and improve the land.    

Meat, raw fleeces, yarn, sheepskins, and breeding stock are available seasonally.


The purpose of our mill is to produce beautiful, sustainable products from what is often a waste stream on other farms. Rather than compost it, we wash, card, and spin it into beautiful, natural products, providing another income source from an often underutilized farm byproduct.

Using natural fibers produced on a regenerative farm is a great way to help sequester carbon from the atmosphere while transforming it into a beautiful and durable product that can last a lifetime. Our yarn and other fiber products can go on to create any number of projects, from knit socks and hats, to woven rugs and felted blankets.

We believe in using every bit of an animal, and creating something wonderful from their wool or other fiber is a great way to ensure we are accomplishing this goal.



Our laying hens are completely free-range, having full run of the farm.  They spend their summers in our mobile chicken coop, being rotated around the pasture following the sheep.  They get a constant supply of fresh grass and bugs, while helping to fertilize the pasture and cut down on parasites and ticks.  Plus, this makes for the very best eggs.

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