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  • INTAKE - We start by inspecting the fleece, looking for length and crimp, and making sure it is free from any foreign materials that can cause damage to the equipment (nails, wire, sticks, etc.). We will not be able to process any fiber that is too dirty, brittle, or contains evidence of insect damage.

  • ​TUMBLING - The fiber is then tumbled to remove any loose dirt and vegetative matter that was missed during skirting, to remove short second cuts, and to help open the fleece to prepare it for washing.

  • WASHING - Fiber is soaked and then washed thoroughly with a natural, environmentally friendly soap to remove dirt and lanolin before running through the machines.

  • PICKING - After it is clean and dry, fiber is sent through the picker, which opens it up, untangling knots or slight felting, and allowing for further processing.

  • FIBER SEPARATING - When necessary, fiber will be sent through the fiber separator which removes guard hairs on dual coated animals, further opens the fleece, and removes any slight contamination that may not have come out in the tumbling and washing process. 

  • CARDING - The carder is the heart of the mill. It separates each individual fiber, straightens it, and aligns the fibers. The carded fiber can become batts for felting or quilt making, or roving that can be further processed into yarn.

  • DRAFTING - The roving that comes out of the carder isn't perfectly uniform, so the draw frame will even out the roving and draft it to the proper thickness for spinning.

  • SPINNING - Our 8 head spinner will take the roving, draft it further and twist it into the desired thickness of yarn.

  • PLYING - The single ply yarn that comes from the spinner will be plied into 2-4 ply yarn on our 4 head plying machine. 

  • STEAMING - The finished yarn is then steamed to set the twist and remove any tension that was applied to the yarn during the spinning or plying process.

  • SKEIN WINDING - Finished yarn will be wound into 100 or 200 yard skeins, depending on thickness, unless otherwise specified. Skeins are then washed to remove any residue or oils from the manufacturing process.


*All pricing is based on incoming weights*  *These are cash/check prices, Credit Card pricing differs*

  • ROVING (Includes washing, picking, carding)

    • $20/lb - Roving can be processed into batts, bumps, or loose in bags. 

  • RUG YARN - Cotton core (Includes washing, picking, carding, bump winding)

    • $22/lb - Rug yarn will be wound into 100 yard bumps unless otherwise specified

  • LOPI (Includes washing, picking, carding, spinning, skein winding, and final rinsing)

    • $32/lb - Please specify the thickness of yarn you would like.

  • YARN (Includes washing, picking, carding, spinning, plying, skein winding, and final rinsing)

    • $32/lb - Bulky Weight (Bulky/Chunky - approx. 7 or less wraps per inch)​

    • $34/lb - Mid Weight (Worsted/Aran - approx. 8-9 wraps per inch)

    • $36/lb - Light Weight (DK/Sport - approx. 11-12 wraps per inch)

      • We typically don't spin anything lighter than sport, but if you have a specific project in mind please reach out. Additional fees will apply.​​​

  •  Add $3/lb on any of the above prices​ for the following:

    • Alpaca (Huacaya)​

    • Fine wool - breeds include, but are not limited to: merino, rambouillet, cormo, columbia, CVM, babydoll

    • Blending multiple fiber types

    • Fibers that require extra washing (beyond 2 wash/rinse cycles)​​


  • ​​Add $6/lb on any of the above prices for the following:

    • Alpaca (Suri)​

    • Mohair

    • Fibers the require fiber separating

    • Pre-washed Fiber (we prefer to not receive washed wool)

  • We can process other/exotic fibers, so please contact us for specific pricing.​

  • If you would like something not listed, please reach out. If we are able to do it, we are happy to. 

​​*We will do our best to spin a yarn to your desired thickness, however we need to work within the constraints of the machines and the particular fiber, so some variation may occur. We want you to be happy with your final products, so please reach out with any questions, and we can work together to decide on what to produce. If you have specific size or weight requirements, please send a sample along with your order so we can better match it. 

  • A 50% deposit is required before processing, the remainder must be paid in full before final products will be returned. ​

  • All pricing is subject to a 6% Maine State Service Tax.​

  • Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

  • Payment is due upon completion. If orders are not picked up within 30 days, they will become property of Moorit Hill Farm.

  • Prices are subject to change.

Reserve your spot here:


  • Before arrival, all fiber should be thoroughly skirted to remove any contaminates such as hay, grain, sticks, burrs, manure, toenails, wire, or anything else that could damage the machinery.

  • Fiber that is heavily contaminated with burrs, fine vegetable matter, or showing signs of insect damage will be disposed of or sent back at the owners expense.

  • Fiber should be unwashed and unscented. Any fiber that is prewashed, smells of strong detergents, dryer sheets or mothballs will incur a washed wool fee. Our machines are very particular about how clean the fiber needs to be so we always have to rewash fiber that arrives washed.

  • The better the raw fiber, the better the final product. Fiber that is clean and in good condition when it arrives to us will produce a better final product with less loss.

  • All incoming fiber should be sorted into batches to be processed, and each batch labeled clearly. If possible each batch should be bagged or boxed together. An intake form should be filled out for each batch of fiber, and included in the bag. We have a minimum of 3 lbs per batch for processing.  We will process smaller amounts, but will charge for 3 lbs.

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